Peer Mentoring

By on January 31, 2017

Peer Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs

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During our in-person retreat, 2 of the sisters help each other make videos.

When your business is productive and powerful, it feels as though you can climb Mt Kilimanjaro. You want to shout it from the rooftops but your partner and friends may not fully understand. Conversely, when you have a disheartening month or two or three – who do you tell? Who do you confide in?  Peer Mentoring is essential: we achieve more together!

It’s been proven that given a common goal, women work better together. Women seek to help peers as much as they desire support. The availability of communication with others creates a supportive community so that, while they are the owner of their business, and make decisions independently, no member ever feels truly alone.

During your membership in Sisters In Entrepreneurship, you have a group of like-minded strong women to give you

  • a testing ground for a new idea
  • positive reinforcement and  celebration for your latest success
  • an empathetic support group for your “feeling stuck” moments.

You have someone to review your prospective work and give you productive feedback. You can help another member through her “down” moments. And you can feel lifted by your group’s buoyant positive spirit!

peer mentoring, peer coaching, group coaching, women community

Share your strength and wealth of knowledge and experience. You’ll never want to experience the “only me” syndrome again.

How will this work? Email me at or call me at 973-585-6393 so we can discover what this program can do for you!