Personal Coaching

By on January 31, 2017

Personal Coaching for Women Entrepreneursprivate coaching for solo independent women entrepreneurs in a serviced based business

When you are working alone on a business model that you developed yourself, you know deep inside that you’re strong, but without a personal coach or mentor to give you guidance, there is tremendous uncertainty around whether all that you’ve done is “good enough”.

Women work hard on their business, but if the revenue month to month is not enough to sustain a modest living, the tendency is to either scale back on the business and get a part-time job or side business.

Are you questioning your ability to succeed? Are you letting fear sabotage your avenues for success?

Would You Benefit From Coaching?

I know what it’s like to work on my own, and I know what it’s like to invest in the help of a coach. I’ll tell you what, since hiring not 1 coach but 2, I will never be without a coach again. This one-on-one relationship is valuable and crucial. Sometimes you just need one pair of ears to listen and receive personal attention. I have benefited from it for years and I want you to benefit from it as well.

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At our full-day retreat, I helped each member develop her Audio Logo.

A coach is like your mom-best friend-sister all rolled up into one. A coach is not there to “make you” do this or that. She’s there to listen to your voice and your head and your heart and advise you on the best road to choose. When I’m coaching a customer, I can feel the joy of transformation right over the phone lines, or watch the illumination in my client’s eyes!

I love manifesting change and seeing our work together yield a more successful business. I’m looking for  women business owners who are ready to invest in themselves and are craving for a transformation.

Please reach out to me at Susana @ MarketingSisters .com and let’s see if you are right for this unique program.