What Our Clients Say

By on March 19, 2017

When you love helping others, it shows. I’ve been honored and privileged to work with many women entrepreneurs and have made a real difference in their lives.


     Florence Labaze

“I met Susana when I had a myriad of business ideas in my head and no idea where to begin. Susana asked just the right questions and pushed me to be honest with myself and to figure out what I wanted.  Susana’s coaching helped me picture what I was really aiming for with the strongest skills that I had and from that coaching, my business was born. Susana is truly a blessing; She WILL get your business launched in the best possible way!”


Kyra Peralte

I attended your webinar and want to send a big “Thanks!” to you for the information. It literally kept me from making a bad business decision. Words cannot describe how awesome it feels to read your assessment of our strategy session. You really captured the essence of what my business model is all about. Literally. Thank you so much for using your talent to help me in my journey.


Sue Toth

“When I came to Susana, I felt like my marketing was stuck. I didn’t quite know where to go next, and what items I should focus on. I needed to clarify my target market and work on my message to that market. Susana helped me to do all of this and more. I have identified my target market, clarified my unique value to that market, and devised a message that will reach that market, all with Susana’s guidance. Susana is very positive and caring, at the same time giving you the push you need to get yourself in gear for marketing success.”


Maria Elena Grant

Susana is just so knowledgeable! I went into a session with her and came out completely prepared and confident to send my first campaign and got two request for appointments the following morning.  I have been planning to strengthen this part of my business for a few years. Now with Susana’s knowledge, experience and talents, I can finally get it done. Thanks to her  I can really grow my business.


Faith Zimmerman

“Working with Susana is awesome!  Over the years, we’ve worked with coaches trying to pin down our target audience. It was very frustrating. Then we worked with Susana and finally got clarity about who is our “Ideal Client”. This opened the floodgates of ideas regarding who to market to and how to do so. We finally have a targeted direction and a roadmap.”


Andrea Porazzo

“I have been impressed with your ability to understand what I do without your actually experiencing it.  Your offer to help me find a good partner and introducing me to people (when I am ready) is so impressive. Working together, I really think I have my “wow” factor.”  


Deborah Gussoff

“Susana has been a tremendous asset in marketing my business. She possesses  a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing. I highly recommend her to help keep your business front and center.”



Liz Rosilli

“Our strategy session helped me make a plan. I loved having a mentor to discuss details with, and to build a list of action items toward a goal.  At the end of our session, I felt empowered to move forward.”